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  3. Tragedy of a Healthy Eater

    Probably one of the funniest articles I’ve seen on food.  This wraps up in a nutshell why I get so stressed about eating healthy.  There is WAY too much information out there.  Hope you enjoy. http://www.nwedible.com/2012/08/tragedy-healthy-eater.html


  4. Great song for the day….Live in the moment by Jason Mraz.  Keep it simple. (click above to listen)

  6. Sometimes we make it WAY more difficult than it needs to be.  Try to keep it simple.  Want a snack? Grab for something real like an orange, an apple, some nuts.  Don’t over think it… Keep it simple.

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  9. I found this young woman on Instagram and have loved following her blog and instagram.  She is really inspiring, and pretty simple in her thinking to loosing weight.  She has had a great transformation!!!  Click the link above to check her out!

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